Capture the Personality
of your Best Friend in a
Lifelike Color Pastel Portrait

My Story

I am a third-generation artist, following in the footsteps of my father and grandfather. In elementary school I would take every opportunity to draw or make animal-related items in art class. At home, I would frequently draw horses from photos I found in books and magazines.


In high school I was selected for an elite advanced art program which further helped to develop my artistic skills. I continued on with my professional art studies graduating from college with a BA degree in Fine Arts. While in college, I developed a real interest and love for pastel portrait work. I chose to do an entire semester of private directed study (one-on-one with the chairman of the art department) where I focused specifically on pastel portraits of children.


I grew up loving and being around animals (horses, dogs, birds, hamsters, turtles, rabbits), and I later became a co-founder, VP and volunteer coordinator of a successful labrador rescue organization. Although I have since relinquished my role as VP of the rescue organization (due to time constraints) I am still actively involved with various shelters and rescue organizations in Massachusetts. 

Today I combine my two loves—animals & pastel portrait work with Petstels.

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